Breaking Boundaries 4 New Slides









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Breaking Boundaries 4 New Slides
We are around the corner in presenting exciting innovation in the waterpark world. Waterbombali is about to unleash 4 new slides that are bound to make smiles go wide and to put the adrenalin to use. Presenting: The Python, Constrictor and the two Green Vipers, each with a different appeal.
The ‘Python’ is going to be the biggest waterslide in the industry, this three person slide is ridden in a circular tube, thus, everyone is facing each other for all the unexpected twists and turns, this ride is suitable for friends and family.
The slides largest point measures a staggering 6 meters in diameter before swayingit’s sliders into the splash pool.

The ‘Constrictor’ and the two ‘Green Vipers’ are a juiced up version of its predecessors (The Raft River and Jungle Ride). Not only are the slides going to be quicker, but the slide journey will also be longer and more exciting, these slides will have a starting ‘take off’ point at a high 19.62 meters.
The Green Vipers are going to be 6 METERS higher then the Jungle Ride, additionally the rider will have two completely different body sliding experiences; one of the slides is an open flume whereby the experience of riding through the tropical foliage will be ever-present, yet speed will still be felt. The other member of the Green Viper duo uses the latest of waterslide technology, ‘Silk Tech’, the sliding experience will be semi enclosed, exposing the experience of anticipation andrush.
The ‘Constrictor’ will be the longest ride in Waterbom Bali’s history; it will be a journey through the jungle for almost a QUARTER OF A KILOMETER (230 Meters long). This tube slide has the ingredients of chills and thrills, which is a rare combo in the waterslide world.
All of the slides are custom made to Waterbom’s landscape, so there are no identical slides like these on the planet!

Its been a long 7 month project, but worth every day of it. It’s a project that contributes in making people happy; hence a fitting term for all of this is: ‘Work hard, play hard’. All of Waterbom Bali’s slides will be active and functioning throughout the dry season (May – November). Whereby Phase two of the mass development will start at the end of November, Phase two promises a playground for thrillseekers and adrenalin junkies, more speed and more fun as Waterbom Bali is breaking boundaries and moving forward!




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